Boost Your Monthly Income in the Next 30 Days With Mid-term Rentals

Learn how to convert your rental properties to mid-term rentals, so you can get to financial freedom faster, with less effort, and lower risk.

Feeling overwhelmed managing your short-term rental?

Does your short-term rental keep you on your toes? Juggling interactions with guests, arranging cleaning and maintenance, and managing prices... 

It can be a lot.  

Operating a short-term rental can be as demanding as a new job. 

 Sure, you anticipated an active role when you chose to self-manage, and it offers an exciting, hands-on experience for your investment. 

 ...But, is there a way to still bring in killer cashflow without killing all your free time?

Do you have a long-term rental that you just know could be making you a lot more cashflow per month?

You love that your long-term rental provides a steady, low-risk source of monthly income, but you signed up for FastFIRE, so you’re looking to maximize your returns.

To you, the idea of achieving financial freedom, without necessarily having to build a portfolio with dozens of properties, means that you’ll be living life on your terms and traveling the world with your family much sooner.

You’re so close, you can practically taste that sangria you’ll be sipping in Southern Spain!

You’re so ready to get the returns of a short-term rental, but with a lot less effort and lower risk!

Owning mid-term rentals can deliver greater financial returns than long-term and even short-term rentals…while reducing your risk and effort.

In short, you could achieve financial freedom even faster using mid-term rentals.

How is that even possible, you ask?

It’s because mid-term rentals combine the best features of short-term rentals with long-term rentals.

When you own mid-term rentals, you have the ability to maximize your properties’ cashflow while also reducing the time you spend (less tenant turnover and questions, yes please!) and your risk (never be afraid of a drop in vacation renter bookings again!).

How can you do that?

Hi, we’re Leti and Kenji, a dual physician, real estate investing couple. 

We’ve been teaching doctors and high-income earners how to invest in cashflowing rental properties since 2019. To date, over 3,000 students have gone through our Zero to Freedom and Accelerating Wealth courses, many of whom have gone on to build real estate portfolios that generate significant, monthly cashflow… enough to free them to work on their terms and live lives they love.

How did we get here?

After we got together, we realized that we were on the slow path to retirement. Even worse, we could see a future of week on, week off stretched out in front of us, with no time for each other or our kids.

We wanted more... 

Much more.

You see, we had dreams of a future where we had time together with each other, our kids, our family and our friends. 
But we knew we needed another source of income outside of medicine to get there. 
So, we started investing in income-producing real estate. We started small, but have grown our personal rental property portfolio to be over 150+ units.

How did we do it?

We created the Fast FIRE System: our way to build a cashflowing rental property portfolio.

When you leverage the power of a successful mindset, our strategy for buying good deals, maximizing cashflow and forcing appreciation, the tax benefits of real estate, improve the velocity of money and design a fulfilling life you love using the Fast FIRE System, you get to financial freedom while you’re still young enough to enjoy it. 

 The best part? You use real estate investments to build a life you love!

So where do mid-term rentals fit in?

Mid-term rentals are properties that host guests for 30-90 day stays.

Because they have longer lengths of stay, they are less work than short-term rentals… but they can cashflow just as well!

In addition, they have less risk (no pesky STR rules and regulations to follow) and more guest stability even during a downturn, when vacation renters stay home.

And because they have steady tenants who pay a premium (medical professionals, professors, insurance clients… at least nine different categories of renters), you can significantly boost the cashflow of your long-term rentals by furnishing them and running them as mid-term rentals.

Plus, you always have the backup plan of converting your property back into a short-term or long-term rental at any time.

That’s how you reduce your downside risk while increasing your cashflow using mid-term rentals.

Ready to convert your rental property into a mid-term rental?

Learn how to convert your rental properties to mid-term rentals, so you can get to financial freedom faster, with less effort, and lower risk in Boost Your Cashflow: Mid-Term Rental Mini-Course!

When you sign up for Boost Your Cashflow, you’re saying “YES” to:

  • Increasing your current rental property cashflow
  • Getting to financial freedom with fewer doors
  • Less time and effort spent on your properties (compared to STRs)
  • Reducing the risk across your portfolio by diversifying your tenant base
  • Serve a specialized tenant base you connect with (healthcare professionals, corporate tenants, insurance customers)

And you’re saying “Yes” to learning how to do so from experienced real estate investor physicians, Leti and Kenji, who have a combined 30 years of experience investing in cashflowing rentals of all types.

Learn how to convert your rental properties to mid-term rentals, so you can get to financial freedom faster, with less effort and less risk in Boost Your Cashflow: Mid-Term Rental Mini-Course!

Wouldn’t you rather follow a proven path with real-life examples of people just like you who have invested in mid-term rentals themselves?

What’s covered in Boost Your Cashflow: Mid-Term Rental Mini-Course?

Module 1: Best Practices 

 ✓ Mid-term rental basics 

 ✓ Buying a mid-term rental 

 ✓ Launching your mid-term rental 

 ✓ Operating your mid-term rental ✓ Example mid-term rentals from our community

Module 2: Bonus Content


✓ Interview covering corporate rentals 
✓ Interview covering insurance tenants 
✓ Interview covering medial tenants
✓ Resources to help you scale your portfolio
Risk-free guarantee

Within the first 7 days, if you find that Boost Your Cashflow: Mid-Term Rental Mini-Course doesn’t live up to your expectations, contact to request a full refund.

If you want to be financially free, investing in mid-term rentals can get you there faster.

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